Plácido Everywhere

Beyond the opera and concert stage, Plácido Domingo has become one of classical music's rare household names, having appeared on virtually every late-night talk show, sung for Olympic and World Cup ceremonies, and lending his voice and image to characters from Sesame Street, The Simpsons, Dora the Explorer, Moulin Rouge!, The Book of Life, and more. Explore the world of "Plácido Everywhere" below.


America’s Got Talent: “Au fond du temple saint” with Daniel Emmet (2018)

Plácido Domingo performs “Au fond du temple saint” with America’s Got Talent finalist Daniel Emmet.

Mozart in the Jungle: “Now I Will Sing” (2016)

In this clip from Mozart in the Jungle, Plácido Domingo performs as himself, singing “Là ci darem la mano” alongside Monica Belluci (Alessandra) and Gael García Bernal (Rodrigo De Souza). Ana María Martínez sings for the role of Alessandra. Read more about Domingo’s appearance on the show from The New York Times.


Jeopardy (2016)

As part of Jeopardy’s “We Asked,” Plácido Domingo answers the question, “What’s your favorite opera to watch?”. Domingo also appeared on Jeopardy in October 2017 as a clue giver.


Good Morning America: “White Christmas” with Plácido Domingo Jr. (2015) 

In this clip from Good Morning America, Plácido Domingo celebrates the holiday season, singing “White Christmas” alongside his son, Plácido Domingo Jr. 


Sesamstraße: "Pa-pa-pa-Papagena" duet with Elmo (2003)  

Plácido Domingo is given wings as Plácido Flamingo, an operatic flamingo from Sesame Street (Sesamstraße). In this clip, Plácido Flamingo and Elmo perform the duet "Pa-pa-pa-Papagena", a spoof on Mozart’s The Magic Flute


Dancing with the Stars: "Come What May" with Katherine Jenkins (2012)

Katherine Jenkins and Plácido Domingo perform "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge on Dancing with the Stars All Stars.


Tonight Show with Jay Leno: "Besame Mucho" (2012)

Gabriel Johnson and Plácido Domingo perform the 1940s classic "Bésame Mucho" from Domingo's new album "Songs" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Dora the Explorer — Dora's Royal Rescue: Malambruno (2012)

In 'Dora's Royal Rescue,' Dora and Boots help the noble horse Rocinante to rescue Don Quixote who is imprisoned by Malambruno (Plácido Domingo), an evil wizard, in an abandoned library inside Story Castle. Dora and Boots ride on horse and donkey into the secret cave, past giant windmills and through the noble forest in order to rescue Don Quixote. In the final show-down with Malambruno, they chant 'I want to read,' breaking his spell and saving all the books.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Montezuma (2008)

Plácido Domingo stars in the 2008 film Beverly Hills Chihuahua as Montezuma (nicknamed Monte), a long-haired chihuahua who teaches his friends the true meaning of chihuahua life.


Hamlet: “In Pace” (Soundtrack) (1996)

Plácido Domingo performs “In Pace” from the soundtrack of the 1996 film Hamlet, adapted from the William Shakespeare play and directed by Kenneth Branagh, with music by Patrick Doyle.


The Three Tenors at the 1994 World Cup Opening (1994)

Brought together for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, The Three Tenors and Zubin Mehta join forces again, this time in Los Angeles Dodger Stadium on July 16, 1994, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Music Center Opera Chorus, to perform a selection of operatic arias and international favorites specially orchestrated by composer/arranger Lalo Schifrin. The result is an outstanding program, reflecting a unique event, featuring three legendary performers who share a united passion for opera and soccer.


Late Show with David Letterman: Interview Segment (1995)

David Letterman invites Plácido Domingo to the Late Show for a discussion of his name and singing career, all in good humor.


The Academy Awards: "Beautiful Maria of My Soul" (1993)

Plácido Domingo and Sheila Escovedo perform “Beautiful Maria of My Soul” at the 65th Academy Awards. Composed by Robert Kraft, the song is featured in the film The Mambo Kings.

1992 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Opera Medley with Giacomo Aragall, Jose Carreras, Juan Pons, Teresa Berganza and Montserrat Caballe (1992)

The 1992 Olympic Games are probably best remembered for one of the most spectacular and stylish opening ceremonies of all time. "Barcelona Games Medley" is the prelude to the finale of the Opening Ceremony, consisting of selections from Carmen, La Traviata, Pagliacci and much more. Conducted by Garcia Navarro with the City of Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and Montserrat Caballé (soprano), Teresa Berganza (mezzo-soprano), Juan Pons (baritone) and tenors, Giacomo Aragall, José Carreras, and Plácido Domingo.

1992 Olympics Closing Ceremony: Olympic Hymn (1992)

Plácido Domingo performs the Olympic Hymn at the raising of the flag during the 1992 Olympics Closing Ceremony. The music is by Spiro Samaras and the libretto of the Olympic Anthem is by Greek ethnic poet Kostis Palamas. 

Sesame Street: "Up and Down Opera" with Ernie (1992)

Phil Harmonic introduces Ernie and Plácido Flamingo, who sing "Up and Down Opera" to demonstrate up and down.


Sesame Street: "The Bathtub of Seville" (1989)

Plácido Flamingo sings "The Bathtub of Seville," an opera about cleaning his bathtub so he can take a bath. On the album, Phil Harmonic gives an introduction, as he does in his Live from the Nest segments. On the show, Plácido sits in Luis's bathtub to practice and Luis scrubs the bathtub in time with the music. Plácido is so impressed by this that he asks Luis to scrub his back when he bathes. The song is a spoof of the opera The Barber of Seville.


Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting: "Look Through the Window" duet with Plácido Domingo (1989)

"Look Through the Window" is a duet performed by Plácido Domingo and his alter-ego, Plácido Flamingo, in the special Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting. Halfway through, Domingo sings the song in Spanish, while Flamingo sings in English. Toward the end of the song, they are joined by several Anything Muppet kids of different races and nationalities.


The Cosby Show: Alberto Santiago (1989)

In this clip from the Cosby Show, Plácido Domingo (Albert Santiago) steals hearts with an acapella version of the famous bolero song Bésame Mucho (Kiss Me Generously) by Consuelo Velázquez.


Sesame Street: "Italian Street Song" with Seiji Ozawa (1988)

Boston Symphony Orchestra conductor Seiji Ozawa leads a symphony of animals, and soloist Plácido Flamingo, in the "Italian Street Song" from Victor Herbert's Naughty Marietta (about a princess who trades places with her maid in order to avoid an arranged marriage).


Sesame Street: "Peligro" (1988)

Sesame Street introduces Plácido Flamingo, an operatic flamingo whose performances at the Nestropolitan Opera are seen in the "Live from the Nest" series. The character was first introduced in Season 18, and helped to introduce classical music into the series.

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