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Placído Domingo has been at home on the world’s stages for over half a century. Well over 4,000 singing and conducting engagements to date have taken him across the globe, from leading opera houses to historic concerts celebrating some of the greatest international events.

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The more Plácido Domingo has studied, travelled and performed, the deeper his love of music has become. He maintains an active performance career as a singer and conductor, in addition to his work as a cultural impresario and entrepreneur. He serves as General Director of the Los Angeles Opera; Chairman of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry; President of Europa Nostra, Founder of Operalia, the World Opera Competition; and proprietor of Pampano, his restaurant in New York City.


Years ago, a fan suggested that Plácido Domingo (whose name literally translates as “Placid Sunday”) should use the saying “If I rest, I rust™” as a motto. In fact, Domingo has been incessantly active since the age of sixteen ― and the more he has studied, travelled and performed, the more he has felt fulfilled and the deeper his love of music has become.

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